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Our mission is to provide the fines quality clothing for all, irregardless of their location.
I propose to start an after-school "garden classroom" in partnership between USC student voluntee
The problem we are addressing is the future!
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The Sustainability Leadership Development program is a leadership program educating its students
The aim of PELS is to teach mutual respect and understanding; giving AIES students tools to addre
We invite teachers to join the National Writing Project teachers who started Youth Voices in 2003
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We believe that all children, regardless of their family socio-economic status, should have the s
We want use our efforts to link environmental justice to social justice, and offer un- and under-
We seek to create new economic opportunity in distressed urban communities by targeting environme
Community Supported Well-being - physical & virtual centers to help individuals, communities
The Ohio Green Prison Project (OGPP) offers green job-training programs for incarcerated individu
Our company has commercialized an innovative torrefaction technology, which converts plant and wo
We envision a world where community members can find local jobs that are safe, pay a living wage,
Mandela Marketplace works in partnership with local residents, family farmers, and community-base
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Sustainable housing surrounding our community garden can develop an asset that improves our quali
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We may not be able to redesign a city with $10,000, but we can inspire people to work towards and