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Eco-safi limited treats sewage from domestic households.
Plastocinth is a material that is a composite of water hyacinth and plastic for all interior desi
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We are a Community Based Organization based in Turkana County of the Republic of Kenya and seekin
Social Justice and human rights are what we as a privileged society need to promote and work coll
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Nairobi lacks an organised system of waste management leading to wanton pollution by plastic wast
Maasai are group of indigenous peoples found in east Africa region, particularly in Tanzania and
Culture-Link safaris was formed to look into numerous loopholes that are denying field staff and
The E-SACCO Project seeks to promote a culture of pooling savings in very small amounts on a dail
A remittances vehicle with in-built effective linkages between remittance flows, investments and
The project aims at providing rural impoverished women with an alternative source of energy for l
The idea is about using digital broadcasing technology and internet to provide affordable Seconda
For millennia, indigenous and local communities around the world have upheld the responsibilities
My town 'NAIVASHA' is just an average urban town in Kenya, with about 500,000 people residing in
The project seeks to contribute to social and economic empowerment of youth in Kenya.