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Nuru Energy aims to provide affordable, clean, safe and functional lighting solutions to rural ho
Nuru Energy fournit des solutions d'éclairage abordables, propres, sûres et fonctionnelles pour l
Nuru Energia visa a proporcionar soluções de iluminação limpas, seguras, funcionais e com preços
Nuru Energy tiene como objetivo proporcionar una solución de iluminación asequible, segura y func
Nuru Energy aims to provide affordable, clean, safe and functional lighting solutions to rural ho
Orora Global is a social enterprise with the focus to eliminate the problem of energy poverty in
ONergy is a leading energy access social enterprise providing decentralized solar energy solution
To empower the socially backward women by providing them a fixed income through driving as a prof
Liter of Light Bangalore is working towards enabling underprivileged communities in India throug
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FM trains women to market, sell, and service renewable energy products in rural Rajasthan.
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Lack of access to modern energy and crop failure are the major drivers of poverty in rural India.
Green Electric Foundation is a start-up NGO focusing on eradication of energy poverty through sol
SunSaluter is a non-profit dedicated to improving energy and water access in the developing world
We help in managing the Organic Waste, one of the pain areas for the municipals, government today
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Rising electricity costs hurt you, your business & your shareholders.
Learn to Teach online, make video tutorials and online courses for science, medicine, management,
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For less than $1, our cookstove retrofit can improve energy efficiency and virtually eliminate ha
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Ingenerovictus will be a food-waste service based company that provides free food-waste collectio
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A vision to develop township that establishes food, water, energy and job security.
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Frontier Markets is a last-mile sales and distribution company offering clean energy products and