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Aura replaces 8000 chemicals & protects 2000 liters of H2O used per conventional garment ,usi
To change the perspective of designers in how to use the existing supply chain in an efficient an
This project harnesses the abundance of sunlight to light shopping centres in off-grid rural part
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Do you love the designs of our KARIGAR product but concerned about how they were made?
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Rising electricity costs hurt you, your business & your shareholders.
Enabling low-cost access to essential medicines
Trust+  is an healthcare oriented educational mobile app.
Learn to Teach online, make video tutorials and online courses for science, medicine, management,
Inculcating the habit of segregating waste at source amongst Indians is an urgent  priority.
Today, one of the much talked about yet the most elusive of all the urban concepts is Livability.
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Transforming on road communication through embedding solar systems on rickshaws that power embedd
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iPunch transforms process of social change into play.
Power of Seeing: One street element at a time, One street corner at a time, We, together, can cha
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NextDrop revolutionizes the way governments and public services communicate with individuals, mak
Rickshaw Bank provides a means of self-employment to the poor and the marginalized rickshaw commu
Trash 2 Cash is a community based green enterprise that recycles solid urban waste to produce mic
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We wish to establish and run Bicycle Sharing Systems in Developing Countries.
Human rights work with communities, including education and advocacy at all levels of government
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An improved and electric cycle rickshaw can provide a nonpolluting and silent transport system fo