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Our goal is to create sources of income for rural households, family farms and Roma groups by pro
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ECOpavement is here to bring an innovative solution to alarming environmental hazards because of
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We are providing a wide range of natural products which provide health's benefits.
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The world has problems in sustainable food supply, in collapsing and impoverished rural populatio
We create permanent sources of income for rural people at risk of poverty and social exclusion th
Web tools dedicated to the BIO farmers that will actively manage the rotation plan of the crops i
The first component of the program is involving large number of volunteers and communities in the
With all the problems that global warming has created, we have to redirect our attention on a dif
When we reffer to food we have to think about, sustainable agriculture, energy consumption, water
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Earth Friends supports traditional agriculture&food production in Brusturoasa village in resp
The goal of the proposed project is to create communication connections between the overweight an