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Gardens for Health enables people living with HIV/AIDS to improve their nutrition, health, and tr
We empower youth from under-resourced areas of Rwanda and Boston through the sport of basketball
MEDICAL STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION OF RWANDA (MEDSAR)is contributing to the health education in Rwanda
independent,non-governmental and non-political organ of medical students of Rwanda.Itwas founded
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Ours is a realistic project to reduce unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.
A media program that turns citizens and activists into professional journalists able to report on
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The Ihangane Project believes that sustainable improvements in health occur through home-grown so
We want to bring a new way of breaking HIV/AIDS cycle by empowering sex workers; a group whose H
The change we want to bring to the world is to create job opportunity for sex workers and then sa
A holistic approach driven by grassroots women with initiatives around grassroots mapping and doc
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Our idea is to develop a fortified sosoma production business that is run by community nutrition
We empower Rwandans to mentor street children, orphans, and other vulnerable children through foo
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Football for Hope project(F4HP) is a project operating since 2011 in 4 cities(Cyanika,Gatuna,Byum
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TIP improves health outcomes for vulnerable populations by partnering with local stakeholders to
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