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There are hundreds of millions of children unable to get a quality education.
8 of10 students graduates from high school in marginalized communities in Kenya, but never get to
Educate Kenyan youths the effects of Passing propaganda over social media to avoid the repeat of
Easy Access is an idea that seeks to have any mobile phone owner (or those with access to one) ha
Learning Companion offers schoolchildren the opportunity to interact with university students who
Promoting health lifestyles through capacity building and community eduction,consultancy and rese
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KITO envisions a world in which the over 150 million youth on the streets have the opportunity th
Malnutrition is a major disease often ignored among Nairobi's urban poor; Most of these people li
the idea is based on empowering the locals living along rivers in Thiiti Tharaka utilise maximuml
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To Help prevent future HIV/AIDS infections by providing a fun, innovative approach that offers ac
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Idea to demonstrate that deafness is not a taboo and anybody can become deaf at any stage in life
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Miwani Division in Nyando District, Nyanza Peovince, is experiencing lost hope.
The Turning Point trust works with street children living in the Kibera slum in Nairobi.
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WISERBridge promotes equal access to higher education by improving primary students’ academ