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I trust this will be a successful antidote
When an addict leaves rehab, relapse rates are highest.
We are in need of professional assistance with communicating our message that will translate cons
So many families are suffering. Our country is suffering.
MedLock saves lives and allows patients to use prescription drugs as intended in a safe, secure,
Emotional "surf camp" teaches students the core skill necessary for empathy in a fast, entertaini
The Will Be Designated Driver program offers a low cost solution to driving while impaired, espec
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The innovative approach I plan to introduce into North Philadelphia , a relatively poor, urban ar
Flextracker é o primeiro mercado para dados médicos.
Thirty years after the discovery of HIV/AIDS, this disease remains a critical epidemic, particula
The Doe Fund (TDF) believes in the transformative power of paid work and seeks to promote the exp
Empower provides unprecedented accessibility to leading psychotherapy methodologies for managing
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Mood 24/7 uses text messages and a website to help people log and track their moods.
Volunteers in Psychotherapy (VIP) makes strictly private therapy available to anyone, regardless
A telephonic support line for individuals who are working to recover from mental illness.
Centering Pregnancy is a model of group prenatal care which is facilitated by an interdisciplinar
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A Shared Medical Appointment is a 90 minute ‘group’ visit where 8-12 patients experience a medica
Using a proven and historical model of a “bookmobile” and apply innovation, enhanced demographic
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The CHOICES program uses a unique consumer-driven perspective for addressing tobacco among people
The Space at Tompkins is using social media to connect with at-risk homeless youth to provide a s