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Aubergine Club; affordable equipment-free gym, green house garden patch and activities for all ag
here is clock powered electricity it is a clock working as a battery that can power anything and
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The development of a program to educate Canadians about causes of traffic congestion will enable
Connect domestic violence survivors and professionals of similar social economic backgrounds with
We desperately need a new approach to solving climate change and sustainability.
With a steady increase in world wide population and ever changing climate, growing enough nutrien
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Kijani Tecnology wants to bring renewable energy to every home on the planet.
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Village Vancouver coordinates, organizes and facilitates individuals, neighbourhoods and organiza
Our solution will mobilize girls and young women to create social change in our community.
A sustainable and interactive forum for First Nations communities to share, explore & work t
The Mobility Pass will create a pathway for transforming a fragmented regional transportation sys
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Through, art, ceremony and story telling, aboriginal, settler and newcomer communities can collab
iSchoolTravel is a set of tools that measures and communicates to-and-from school travel impacts
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We believe Yoga transforms people’s lives.
Literacy On-Site makes literacy easy: it brings tutoring into social programs where low-literacy
A program for healthy school cultures!
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CSI is here to get the EVCS installed at your local parking lot.
We want to provide portable green power and renewable energy education to events, concerts and fe
PACE Outreach Project (POP) aims to reduce violence experienced by street-level sex workers by u