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Clean Energy Lending is a turnkey solution to tackling multiple SDGs.
A virtual platform for young Pakistani and Indian school children to build friendships while teac
e-guard is small entrepreneur program. we are focusing on jobless youth.
“Every person, every society, every nation has a part to play in building a peaceful and prospero
My Idea and Project is very secure, useful, systematic, friendly for the whole world of Present a
Tunnel farming is the method by which we can control moisture and cold.
Artpreneurs for Change is committed to fostering empathy and transcending socioeconomic and cultu
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Safe Living in Harmony with Nature adequately meeting 21st Century Challenges that is energy effi
Using short messaging services (SMS) we will launch a peace awareness campaign in Pakistan.
Pakistan's first carpooling app that provides a socially and environmentally healthy alternative
Odd Jobber is a marketplace for low-skilled work much like oDesk for high-skilled people.
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