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Filisia creates accessible music and multimedia interfaces that support the rehabilitation proces
Lone Koldby is humanizing long-term care for the elderly in Norway by placing activity and social
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Heidi is shifting social responses to dementia so that the person with the diagnosis is the focal
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Monitoring, sampling and identification of mosquitoes vectors is of great importance in setting u
Health needs to be protected as a fundamental human right.
H επιχειρηματική ιδέα εντοπίζεται στην δημιουργία μιας εταιρείας η οποία θα διασυνδέεται με το εξ
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I want to use food to facility the use of drugs to people that either do not have access to new a
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The adequate and appropriate training of health professionals is a pre-requisite for the patients
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The purpose of SAPT Hellas is to increase awareness of the general public in Greece (especially scho
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My Pharmacy is the only mobile application worldwide that contributes to efficient medication man
A multifunctional portable platform for measuring biomedical data
A crowdsourcing website that will allow Greek citizens to evaluate through a positive 5 star rate
An electronic platform which will schedule appointments for medical and paramedical exams.
The project aims to provide the Athens homeless population access to a direct, dynamic and strong
“For a Better Future” is an action with social extensions concerning a sensitive age group, child
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The Ath Checkpoint is a centrally situated, community-based HIV testing and prevention facility f
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The Training Camp is a project designed for people with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) who use wheelcha
It is time to keep all medical information for every citizen in a common data base.