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We invented a device called Caps (Camera Active Protection system) multipurpose device that can b
To empower the socially backward women by providing them a fixed income through driving as a prof
WUW is a project to create shoes that makes happy the one who wear them and the one who makes the
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Aura replaces 8000 chemicals & protects 2000 liters of H2O used per conventional garment ,usi
You don’t need to be the president , genius or a scientist to change the world.
To change the perspective of designers in how to use the existing supply chain in an efficient an
If a student study a subject during his/her college years which industries require these days, th
The Kurathi Project is a fair trade business aiming to create a range of customized, handmade app
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Do you love the designs of our KARIGAR product but concerned about how they were made?
Seven Senses creates unique 100% organic fabrics through a distinctive manufacturing process that
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DRAP is a social enterprise owned by rural women producers and supervised by textile professional
Opening up most taboo & ignored subject of menstrual hygiene;a female health hazard by involv
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Tengri is a brand built by people unwilling to settle for the status quo.
Trust+  is an healthcare oriented educational mobile app.
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Interreligious Harmony In Action.
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We introducing PROJECT ACESS (Alternate Communicative Solution for Special need) is a specially d
Cyber Activist Network (CAN), is a social platform to discuss and share the knowledge related to
STDL will involve a smart driving license which with the help of a hardware installed which will
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The project restricts the ignition of a 4-wheel automobile based on the chip in the driving lice