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Shila Thapa is educating, empowering, and preparing parents of children with Down syndrome to car
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To end women's isolation during labor, delivery, and the early post-partum period that leads
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To improve health care in rural Nepal, Anil Parajuli runs "medical treks" that take for
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Join our Mission for Building Radiological Infrastructure within in Nepal by Ourselves.
Health at Home (HHPL) stands for healthcare service access at home simplified and standardized by
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Hipknit is SHEWDs micro-credit programme providing free training for women in knitting, cross-kni
An approach that is able to simultaneously develop community based health care and services, orie
A community hospital that will serve the deprive people.
Hasilo Nepal is a 3-year program focused on fighting child malnutrition through oral healthcare p
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Nyaya Health is leveraging innovative tools of transparency and open data to create and dissemina
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KOHCP creates sustainable, rural oral health care systems by combining grassroots-level infrastru
Dhulikhel Hospital, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization in Nepal works in developing
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MMW aims to improve the health and well-being of rural and impoverished communities in developing
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This initiative relates to environmentally responsible tourism that provides direct benefits to n
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Community Rescue Siren System(CRSS) is possibly most exclusive idea in Nepal that generally focus
At Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes, severely malnourished children are restored to full health a