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FoodShare is an iOS, Android and Web based application that will connect households, events, stor
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We promote growing traditional rice free from agrochemicals in Sri Lanka.
The purpose of this project is to improve the ability of Inuit children to make healthy choices a
Les Brigades Culinaires est un programme parascolaire de 24 ateliers culinaires offert dans plusi
« L'alimentation saine » est un concept trop abstrait à comprendre pour l'enfant.
Refutrees was born after years of research conducted by Founder Lamya Hussain across Palestinian
"World Foundation for Prosperity and Autonomy" invites the creation of Centres for Community Cons
Many indigenous communities here in Canada and around the world are struggling with the right to
Imagine for a moment that everyone in your life - your parents, your best friend, and your cowork
Building self-efficacy and raising hope within individuals and their communities, through the pro
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Village Vancouver coordinates, organizes and facilitates individuals, neighbourhoods and organiza
An online space that facilitates consumer and small farmer transactions.
Sustainable Choices will increase community resiliency across Canada and empower youth at risk.
Creating Homefulness Society (Woodwynn Farms) is a Therapeutic Community for the homeless.
Counselling youth in an engaging way, helping prevent self destructive behaviors, bullying, subst
Our solution is drawing on the diverse resources and skills of our agricultural community within
It takes a Village!
Culinary, capacity, and community partnerships... Achieving dreams through food.
Navigation Station offers time, space, resources & training to assist community members build
The CFFFS collects discarded flowers and plants and distributes them for re-sale in order to dire