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FISH BOX is a tool to preserve fish-based electrical systems.
Indonesia has the world largest rubber plantation (3.5 million Ha by 2011).
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Indonesia Cassava Agroindustri Project- The vision for cassava is that cassava will spur rural i
The existing groups of backyard food gardens provided portion of household needs of nutrients, mo
We are a not for profit foundation supporting social enterprise project, improving the welfare of
Mantasa is a non-profit organization works on edible wild plants issue.
Lentera Anak Pelangi is a mitigation program for children living with HIV and AIDS in DKI Jakarta
Santiri is a foundation that serves community development to enhance the capacity and capability
Working Together for Sustainable Indonesian Cocoa Development
The jolt of economics of the rural household affected entire Indonesia as most people were not we
Together with forest communities to rehabilitate the land to restore the function of the forest,t
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The WHO/Unicef Breastfeeding Counseling Course training guide book was modified into a set of fli
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Elephant Cassava Group is a proud company who take pride in the crops that we invented.Dubbed as
Human growth when the baby is growing. Must be balanced with good nutritious food.
PWSS (Paguyuban Warga Strenkali Surabaya, Association of Strenkali Residents in Surabaya) fought
Food fairy and the wild plant explorer is a comprehensive curriculum to educate children about lo
School of SL-PTT is the place of farmer school to learn how producing rice with integrated farmin
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Indonesia Berkebun is an urban farming community networks spread in currently 27 cities & 4 c