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Dream A Dream's mission is "to nurture the uniqueness of young people from vulnerable backgrounds
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Design for Change is a powerful yet simple idea where children use a Design Thinking Formula of F
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We need to take initiative to help every underprivileged child in bringing out their creative sid
Imagine a time where the different individual aspirations are encouraged and complemented by the
We believe that every person hold the potential to change the world around them.
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Asia's largest marketplace for ethical fashion brands.
Weaving Destination promotes the finest ethical eri-silk and vintage inspired organic cotton fabr
You don’t need to be the president , genius or a scientist to change the world.
ToF reintegrates trafficking survivors after they have been rescued.
ToF reintegrates trafficking survivors after they have been rescued.
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I wish to open a University Providing Quality Education to the Tribals of Jharkhand who are very
Learn to Teach online, make video tutorials and online courses for science, medicine, management,
Divyadeepa was started with a mission - `To focus on the opportunity deprived children, transform
Students in third world countries lack access to basic educational infrastructure, as basic as sc
Students do not have enough knowledge about "Opportunities and life in different fields as career
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Gyandaan aims to provide quality education to the bright students of lower middle class families.
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Sakhi/सखी - "A friend of one.. A friend of all"
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As children grows from infancy to adolescent they need to learn different skills which helps them