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Peshawar 2.0 is our dream city. A city of technology, design and art.
At RRP we put learning into students’ own hands.
Reading Room Project (RRP) is an educational technology venture based in Karachi that transforms
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This project is totally based on the thoughts of young youth because there are many thoughts appe
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Over two years ago my NGO adopted a government school in Orangi Town, one of the poorest areas of
I provide them with the fee they need to continue there studies for now but i wish to do more.
Counselling, awareness, Women empowerment, Free training(IT,Business,English),eradicating child l
MDF is a nonprofit that works to improve relations between the West and Muslim world through sust
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Teach For Pakistan offers a two year paid Fellowship for outstanding college graduates and young
Rabtt provides the answer to the tunnel-vision curriculum taught in Pakistan, inducing young mind
We want to work towards making sure that Underprivileged children in our society turn out to be
Our idea is to help young girls those have no voice in the community we are dreaming to empower t
Our vision is to create a world where every child is supported and respected for his unique talen
'A picture is worth a thousand words' goes the saying.
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Utilization of universities assets to make them free for needy students by following supports.
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Optimizing and Utilizing Bagasse obtained from Sugar cane will solve much of the energy Crises in
Education is Pakistan's biggest issue but it is the only way forward.