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Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, wants to restructure the field of sanitation
Entered in Ashoka Fellows
Green Xchange where heartland socially disadvantaged trade off their recyclables for free medical
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The world population is rapidly ageing.
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Alertfy is a ONE button alert alarm system that is a wireless, plug & play alert alarm panic
5MinuteMusic is an online magazine about the music scene in Singapore.
As society progresses, the elderly will become more and more independent.
To develop a cheap, reliable and easy-to-use device that can support the monitoring of Asthma and
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An innovative new platform that connects and enables people with disabilities and their families
Obatech improves the relationship between nurses/pharmacists, and their chronic disease patients
A New Vision (ANV) is about applying practical solution to end avoidable blindness, urgently.