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ICES is a social and Profit enterprise for sustainable Renewable energy using Solar system to tre
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يعمل محمد أبو النجا على خلق فرص عمل مستدامة في القرى الريفية والمجتمعات في مصر من خلال إحياء صناع
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In order to curb unemployment and reduce polution in rural Egypt, Mohamed Abou El Naga is trainin
In this zero waste management project the gasified rice husk waste of the
Qalb Kabeer is putting empathetic emotional development at the heart of Egypt’s public schools by
We aim to foster innovation in developing countries through using nanotechnology as a catalyst fo
My idea is exclusively the use the renewable biomass waste of the waste burned/gasified rice husk
GREEN ENERGY is opening a new era of superior affordable solar powered multifunction systems that
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CORD is a productive science communication company.
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twinklebox will supply the fast growing African market with modern solar solution as cheap as ker
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CORD is a productive science communication company.
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Nafham is a free online K-12 educational video platform funded by advertising, Nafham is providin
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The mission of Aqua Zai is to provide food security to the 3rd world by creating solutions for th
رؤية المشروع تعتمد على استغلال الاجازة الصيفية للفتيات في مرحلة التعليم الجامعي في العمل التدريبي
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VRP..It's an Innovative Online Platform Helps women All over Egypt and MENA Region to Find a Suit
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Intercultural and Educational Center for youth aged from 12 to 16 years
Entered in UCONN SUSI 2013