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Clean, plentiful water.
My Idea and Project is very secure, useful, systematic, friendly for the whole world of Present a
NAYA JEEVAN is the emerging world's first healthcare plan for the marginalized.
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Hosh media: Pakistan’s first crowdsourcing initiative that takes young online voices onto the mai
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Gawaahi provides a space for Pakistanis to blog, vlog, take pictures to tell their own stories.
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Farz Methodology is a social performance based, Sharia Compliant poverty alleviation system with
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The idea is to enhance understanding & knowledge of youth about peace and non violence throu
Women's Development Fund works to create a perpetual congenial environment for the women folk fro
Using short messaging services (SMS) we will launch a peace awareness campaign in Pakistan.
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Pakistan is facing the worse faces of intolerance and absence of peace.
Vision: Be the ‘go-to place’ for healthy and fresh snacks alternatives catering to Private Socia
The cultural & religious norm contain the women within their homes.
Pak Fit is a project with a vision i.e to make every Pakistani Fit and Healthy.
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Rabtt provides an alternative learning environment where teachers are replaced by mentors and sub