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AFIA is a sustainable women's clothing line inspired by the layers around us.
Drink to Life provides vitamin fortified drinks to support healthy pregnancies,thereby reducing p
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Prenatal care in rural communities in lowincome countries is not optimal.
1. Adequate & comprehensive biodata compilation of every patient
Mobile HeathEd takes advantage of cultural roots and understanding to fight community resistance
Centralian Consulting Foundation encompasses a wide range of specific activities designed to enha
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Millions of women in the developing world suffer from ruptured ectopic pregnancies annually.
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CHCS aims at mobilizing funds from individuals and the international political organizations such
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Integrated Maternal and Paediatric Care (IMAPAC) reaches out effectively to young women, mothers
My long term goal is to aid in finding a way to make maternal health care accessible to every wom
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Maternal health a concern advocate of it and putting in place measures to curb the problems.
The goal is to minimize the upfront hardware and technology requirements involved in using an inn
Develop a free magazine in Africa that brings empowerment to illiterate women through an entertai