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AssignIt innovates by teaming citizens with professional journalists at every step of gathering,
Big thanks to social media for helping drive large-scale social change!
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What if we blurred the boundaries between fiction and reality, using digital technology and creat
Movements often flounder when the activists driving them lack access to vital strategies, safe sp
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A new social media platform that encourages a new way to communicate with your target audience -
You know how you can adopt a stretch of highway...
FOX 'News' has succeeded in creating the huge gap between the rich and the poor by spreading misi
The project is Berim.org.
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Civicly brings the power of reviews to government and the public sector.
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LoveGov's mission is to facilitate democracy.
How it could be different is a website where one can easily see, vote on, comment on, share, and
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The American Truth Commission is a state of California LLC (limited liability company).
Peace X Peace connects and nurtures a global network of female peacebuilders.
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Democratization of Schools: Authority over all discipline and conflict problems given to classroo
Indaba's "Coalescent Bubbling" technologies drive the most advanced realtime ranked-choice intera
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Roscoe utilizes mobile video hardware and location in powerful ways while introducing a smarter b
MyMaryland revolutionizes democratic representation by providing an easy, meaningful, and social