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Sampurn(e)arth provides waste management solutions which are environment-friendly, actively engag
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Asia's largest marketplace for ethical fashion brands.
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VermiPonics system under a Franchise model provides a scalable and innovative solution to address
Rampant consumerism has led to unmitigated pollution and indifference.
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Greensole is a social enterprise, which for the first time in the World is refurbishing discarded
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Sundara runs soap recycling initiatives in India, Myanmar and Uganda.
Learn to Teach online, make video tutorials and online courses for science, medicine, management,
Inculcating the habit of segregating waste at source amongst Indians is an urgent  priority.
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With one single solution we wish to address the problem of waste management, recycling, nutrition
Pravaha endeavours to raise awareness of the importance of water to the level of everyday underst
"Let' Recycle" is an initiative of NEPRA Resource Management Pvt.
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Internalising values of environmental responsibility in schoolchildren by conducting weekly train
Hyaline Water Corporation is an enterprise working in the field of water conservation and water r
Reap Benefit works with the motto of “Making Green a habit”.
The project clearly explains that make the huge money by trees and help our beautiful world to p
Our model follows plastic from the dump, to the filament makers and finally to raw material for l
Trash 2 Cash is a community based green enterprise that recycles solid urban waste to produce mic
Improper Sorting of various plastic materials results into an ineffective recycling process.