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We offer an online marketplace to empower creators. It's like ebay meets kickstarter.
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We developed sensor modules to put in any kind of containers.
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Urban Permaculture Project aims to transform idle places into fertile areas in cities with more p
-Water Saving System allows to save up to 15% water saving.
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CRC will a phenomenon. People will purchase Unilever goods to be economical.
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This is an eco-friendly packaging design for liquids especially for drinks.
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We collect curtain leftovers from curtain retailers and bring them to the women in Mersin for wea
The Builddesignerist publishes the feasibility and requirements for the project or organisation t
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Is there anybody living in developing country and doing recycle at their home?
I created a project that it will help to solve all recycling problems of my city and my country.
Bayer Young Science Ambassadors Project is carried out in cooperation of TOG and Bayer Turk as a