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La Petite Cantine It's to our advantage to make the world a better place
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Monitoring, sampling and identification of mosquitoes vectors is of great importance in setting u
Health needs to be protected as a fundamental human right.
A multifunctional portable platform for measuring biomedical data
The project aims to provide the Athens homeless population access to a direct, dynamic and strong
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POLITEIA 2.0 is a platform for political innovation that develops digital and physical applicatio
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"Ant" it is a a social structure with a mission to support people in need.
Originating from the shadow of the Parthenon and in the form of an international digital magazine
Robotics in healthcare is considered to be among the primary upcoming “technology movers” of inno
Improvisational Theatre provides tools to refugees who deal with extremely difficult experiences
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The marine park will be a place of recreation of culture but also knowledge, with parallel social
LLM is an integrated ICT platform combining state-of-the-art cognitive exercises with physical ac
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Ath Checkpoint is an HIV prevention center located in Athens, for men who have sex with men.