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Balancing Strategies is an interactive, flexible, and holistic program that utilizes culturally-r
To meet its long term social development needs, Nunatsiavut Government decided to build from with
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Dechinta was born out a desire to decolonize education opportunities in Denendeh and beyond- to s
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We are a charitable organization, dedicated to providing disadvantaged children in Victoria with
We want Canadians to play chinlone.
Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum, is a program designed to engage indigenous youth in tradition
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The issue that this program is helping to solve is cultural awareness and sensitivity in our scho
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A community based business model or platform that empowers youth and elders to develop meaningful
It is essential from a community perspective that we focus on caring for our elderly in a form we
Kids need stories! And sometimes grownups need support to learn to tell stories well.
Vancouver Island Regional Library can play a vital role, and be an important community partner, i
Let's create a sustainable future for all Canadians through community gardening practices, that p
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In Fall 2012 Selkirk will launch a series of garden parties to share indigenous ways of knowing b
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Activating and mobilizing Hua Ren - the largest cultural group in Canada - to become game-changin
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Sociolympics - "Social" because you'll make friends, "Olympics" because you'll be competing!
We have created a simple, yet powerful process to help community organizations re-define how they
We grow sustainable and productive neighborhood farms.
Seniors renew city greenhouses for organic food production, that creates social and economic prog