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Brace Social Coop acts on supporting caregivers to develop empathic, secure relationships and pos
La Petite Cantine It's to our advantage to make the world a better place
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Shop4All is an online platform and business model addressing the sustainability of vocational tra
As a contribution to overcoming social exclusion in Greece, the Social Co-operative Enterprise My
The House of Semi-Supported living aims to provide mentally disabled adults with an chance to enj
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The whole world is familiar with the financial crisis in Greece.
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This intervention aims at eliminating the stigma and discrimination towards patients suffering f
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The adequate and appropriate training of health professionals is a pre-requisite for the patients
The project aims to provide the Athens homeless population access to a direct, dynamic and strong
Unemployment affects the youth of urban centers.
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E-Personal Assistant is a project about helping vulnerable groups of people cope with essential n
Primary health issues&Pregnancy are subjects that 40%globally of women are not well informed.
Beewise focuses on maintaining the quality of life of skilled un/under-employed professionals + p
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Roma population is amongst the most deprived and vulnerable social groups worldwide.
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Alternative method for road marking/information for the general public and the visually impaired
Webradio & Sound Studio of KETHEA STROFI aims to be an active hub of vocational training, soc
This project aims at the creation of a comprehensive seminar program to teach young people, impac
SynErgin is a participatory initiative created to empower mentally ill and marginalized social en
The Galien Think Tank Greece joins all forces from the health care sector-scientists, public sect