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Labourconnect.org is a portal using web based application software to connect unorganized blue co
Sampurn(e)arth provides waste management solutions which are environment-friendly, actively engag
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Asia's largest marketplace for ethical fashion brands.
Passion Lilie provides an affordable and high quality alternative to fast fashion.
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Aura replaces 8000 chemicals & protects 2000 liters of H2O used per conventional garment ,usi
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VermiPonics system under a Franchise model provides a scalable and innovative solution to address
Rampant consumerism has led to unmitigated pollution and indifference.
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Greensole is a social enterprise, which for the first time in the World is refurbishing discarded
Our goal is to empower artisans, and our mission three-fold:
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Fairfactia is a full service partner for European textile retailers.
Who made your shoes? Many shoes sold by big brands are made by women at home.
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Sundara runs soap recycling initiatives in India, Myanmar and Uganda.
Learn to Teach online, make video tutorials and online courses for science, medicine, management,
Inculcating the habit of segregating waste at source amongst Indians is an urgent  priority.
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With one single solution we wish to address the problem of waste management, recycling, nutrition
Pravaha endeavours to raise awareness of the importance of water to the level of everyday underst
"Let' Recycle" is an initiative of NEPRA Resource Management Pvt.