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Loads O’ Fun, will provide app powered, locker based, laundry delivery, grocery delivery, mail an
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What are the challenges and obstacles children face in life today at home and school?
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Reef Life nanotechnologies assist bonding of oceanic creatures, coral polyps, plants, medicines &
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Africa, technology what if the these to phrases came together. The possibilities are endless.
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JamQuest strives to raise up a generation of young, world-changing, servant leaders, who are fear
Broadening the support system to provide inner city students an equal chance to succeed in colleg
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The Scholarship Academy is the nation's only curriculum-based scholarship preparatory program tha
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"Apply Yourself" is a service model that provides free grant/scholarship and college admission co
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BrainFund changes the economics of college finance by giving students a new way to pay for colleg
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El Zapato de Lona. The Ecuadorian street shoe.
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Bikes for San Francisco Youth provides technical, financial, and material support to youth bike p
We fund job training and create jobs by using micro-financing to grow entrepreneurships.
The Cross Stitch Project promotes innovative uses for social media and technology, creative commu
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Qeyno Labs works with local partners and schools to bring technology-enabled career discovery int
S|A|C via its ScholarDollars product provides a B2B2C mobile device curriculum rewards platform f
MedConcert™…Disruptive cloud Platform (w/ a capital “P”)…Plug in Apps and Social Networks to Coor