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Explain what climate change is and teach how we can address it in a dynamic way.
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We collect inorganic waste and exchange for service or products from our partners.
El proyecto que se realizará será el cultivo orgánico de algodón de colores
Axolotl es una marca que mezcla iconografías de la tradición textil indígena, con la intervención
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We believe in changing the social and environmental impact that agriculture does to the world.
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New Form Function Motor-Engine Gearturbine / Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang W
Este proyecto elimina de tajo y para siempre un complejo y milenario problema que afecta en mayor
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Horticultura Universitaria en un proyecto de la comunidad universitaria a favor de la soberanía a
Por medio de materiales reciclables se elaboraran pañales para bebé, playeras con estampados típi
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Echale devised a solution for the poor to become owners of structurally sound houses in a cost-ef
A sustainable world, where all peoples can satisfy their basic water, food, shelter, and energy n
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We seek to empower communities living in fringe and marginalized areas with a replicable worm com
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“Las Páginas Verdes” (LPV) (The Green Pages)’s goal is to catalyze a sustainable consumption move
Ecobarrios Coyoacán aims towards the creation of sustainable communities within different neighbo
El rio Huazuntlan corre a lo largo del territorio del pueblo popoluca y desemboca en la Laguna de
Provocar conciencia y reflexión de la importancia del YO en la participación para el cuidado del
Collective property rights in Mexico allow for community-based management of territorial commons.