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Ce voyage a commencé dans un cercle, un petit groupe de champions qui se sont rencontrés au bon m
This journey started with a circle, a small group of champions who were brought together at the r
Children in class get too restless and bored.
This is an interactive simulation that allows the user to play the role of a kid in middle school
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More than 40 local people representing over a dozen agencies and organizations are currently supp
In order to develop emotional literacy in youth, we have invested in Quirky Kid resources and pro
In order to develop emotional literacy in youth, we have invested in Quirky Kid resources and pro
Counselling youth in an engaging way, helping prevent self destructive behaviors, bullying, subst
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We want to scale up our successful social marketing process for creating sophisticated media camp
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We would like to strengthen our communities one student at a time by offering scholarship program
We want to ensure families have opportunity and support needed to become actively involved in tea
Provide free access to iPads at the library and welcome everyone to come try them out and get rec
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XploreSportZ Around the North promotes healthy active living through physical literacy programs f
sportsfunding.ca is an online sports crowdfunding website for all levels of Canadian athletes/tea
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We are teaching kids to be social entrepreneurs - changing the world through their own mini busin
Providing trained & safe male mentor-ship to boys 8 to 13 yrs old in the Nelson community wil
Our solution is FREE, quality, culturally relevant after school activities for children and youth
Provide the LEES program to community "youth at risk" that are unable to launch into their future
Make invisible at risk children visible by speaking up for them.Give them equal access to decisio
Multi-use supervised visitation centres, supporting court orders, children families and communiti