Explore this collection of the world’s most promising social innovations, submitted from every corner of the globe. These solutions give you insights into where the world is heading in the future.


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Garbage Clinical Insurance(GCI) is a micro health insurance program which uses garbage as a finan
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STARTIC advances eco-friendly materials through innovation of upcycle; like the waste of cement b
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Daughter of Klaten serves a hub of innovative craft by meeting Indonesia traditional handwoven te
The Nusa Project proposes a waste management social-enterprise model that facilitates a process o
This biodiesel project can help prevent large amounts of used vegetable oil (UVO) from being disp
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Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge or ISoC is an annual competition
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This program prepares young generation environmentally friendly, to understand environmental issu
Trash Management and Marketing is handling waste through environmentally-based entrepreneurship.
E-décharge, combler le secteur formel et informel afin de créer une infrastructure plus efficace
E-junkyard, bridging the formal and informal sector to create a more effective and proper e-waste
PALMAE focuses on environmental activities and majority consisted of student of Faculty of Econom
from trash to cash is a waste management community based which focus on sorting, saving and proce
Nowastetips.com is an online site that allows you to share ideas and tips related to zero-waste p
Waste is a big phenomenon that is currently happening in Jakarta.
Concerned by the degrading environment, Greenna is tackling waste problem and empowering local co