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Kevin Lee is enabling vulnerable communities in the Philippines to demand, create and sustain wat
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Through the promotion of breastfeeding and the preparation of indigenous, nutritious baby food, I
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Poor children suffering from chronic illnesses in Philippine public hospitals experience extreme
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In 1996, Project Oral Health for Juvenile Diabetics (POHJD) was initiated to provide dental treat
CivilSummit is a free open-source global web application which will inform each registered user a
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Maternal deaths are declining worldwide, yet over 350,000 women will die this year.
To develop a cheap, reliable and easy-to-use device that can support the monitoring of Asthma and
HCDI is committed to bring total transformational development to impoverished communities to effe
Project Laan is an innovative means of increasing resources for health.
Rural Health INFOCENTER is an online database of effective natural cures and proven home remedies
The Project is about health empowerment of marginalized communities, ultimately making health mat
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An alternative recreational Filipino game that can inject personal development to an individual/
Many Filipino women struggle to afford nutritious formula for their babies and often settle for c
To start up a website and organize campaign events to protect and save people's lives./It's innov
This project is an uptick from the simple feeding program in schools.
Healthcare Access for Greece with the aid of mobile applications.
Hapinoy Health Hub works within the Hapinoy network of community stores in delivering quality hea
The Wireless Access for Health is a public-private partnership dedicated to applying advanced 3G