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There are hundreds of millions of children unable to get a quality education.
Benjamin Ogunyo is getting Kenya's street children back into their homes by empowering their
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Our solution provides fresh, nutritious, high quality and sustainable food for education at heavi
8 of10 students graduates from high school in marginalized communities in Kenya, but never get to
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Since 2007 this project has provided poor young women with sanitary towels, underpants & repr
The Haller Farmers App is an open source web based app helping farmers farm the unfarmable in Ken
The Soular Backpack is exactly what it sounds like - a backpack with a solar panel on it that ena
Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach.
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Most of Kenya's population live in rural areas which comprises of the youths and women;who h
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Mtoto Wetu Joy House imparts entrepreneurial skills to vulnerable youth/young mothers from slums
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In Kenya currently poverty levels are pecked at 60% of the total population who live below $2.5 (
AkiraChix provides opportunities that reduce intergenerational poverty among young women from vul
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Fill My Value Backpack (FMVB) uses sport as an innovative and social tool to develop the potentia
We connect farmers within the same geographical region to provide a way out of the production of
GravityLight offers a clean, safe and affordable alternative to kerosene lamps, used by over 1.1
The first water micro-credit project; for community schools to set up on-site clean tap water kio
Easy Access is an idea that seeks to have any mobile phone owner (or those with access to one) ha
The first water micro-credit project; for community schools to set up on-site clean tap water kio
Kids COMP CAMP, for Kids Computer Camp, is a program with the objective of helping young learners