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The MS Warrior Network attempts to provide information about research and connections within the
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Book review: "Sari, this is fascinating.
FundUni is a web-based software platform designed to create a free market connection between thos
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Seedstock takes an innovative approach to the problem: "How do we keep money ciruclating in the
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Hakuna Matata Imports and Accessories has grown out of my love for Africa, and the learning's tha
GridGiver is an online fundraising tool which enables small and medium non-profits and charities
GridGiver is an online fundraising tool which enables small and medium non-profits and charities
SECC is a funding platform to enable Canadian small businesses with dual profit/purpose motives t
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Equipping overwhelmed nonprofit executive directors with the skills and support they need to enjo
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Local teens using technology to help non-profits, fundraisers, local business, and other business
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A Community Grant Continuum for the Columbia Basin & its communities within it, which will al
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Seedstock is Vancouver's first community currency: money that sticks around and goes 'round in ou
BYOBF connects South Asian women to like-minded women in a empowering, social environment while p
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F-YOU is an inviting, tell-all event that aligns personal growth with self-improvement.
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A physical literacy & activation program aimed at creating healthy habits for kids aged 5-11y
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GIVE Group makes referrals to realtors, harnessing the referral fee of 25% to donate to charity.
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Create a Community Investment Fund model, implement it in the Capital Region of BC and make the m
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Virtual Mayor is the world's first omni-portal dedicated to educational reform through social net