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Beekeeping provides six products that are capable of generating income, reducing hunger and malnu
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Nigeria possesses large expanses of arable land and biodiversity, but majority of its population
LegalDefender hope to connects low income citizens network of lawyers that delivers the ‘Legal’ r
Niger Delta Women's movement for Peace and Development (NDWPD) is a women Non-Governmental Organi
Nature Cares is a non- governmental organization promoting safe,clean and friendly environment vi
• Alleviating poverty by buying agro-biomass wastes and urban cellulose waste from poor income po
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The first important step towards a healthier world is environmental education as only knowledge c
We are a social enterprise because our organization is already assisting thousands of households
This project is targeted at the women and girls’ group in the Lagos Island local government area
A college-level educational course will be established using extensive photographic, print, &
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Bee Alive is a club for young girls that seeks to conserve degrading habitats by attaining 30% tr
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