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Philonoist platform, an e-learning platform allows students to learn and access needed I.T, soft
Gas on wheels is an innovative idea aligned for CLEAN COOKSTOVES that will outmodern the delivery
With the rapid growth in the digital space, a group of individuals have been spotted.
We are growing a community of social entrepreneurs.
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Afterschool Centre for Career Development (ACCD) provides demand -driven work preparedness trai
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The campaign launch will lay the foundation for managing urban housing and real estate in Nigeria
FM energy limited will be an energy bio-gas (bio-methane), animal waste and domestic waste for en
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Driven by a passion for the female folk (girl-child in particular) and the less privileged.
This project is aimed at contributing to the UN goal of no hunger, zero poverty etc.
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Connected –Hub is the new hope of social innovators whose ideas are creating visible solutions to
We intend to use solar energy to generate power, get them distributed and fed into various homes
Roselle drink is a popular drink in Africa, but the use of crude processing technology and poor
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Building a brand by creating a unique selling point with a special design and patent kiosk, which
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In EcoGreen Energy, We seek to promote the use and recognition of organic wastes as a valuable co
The transformational approach to waste management is the proposed project by the "Waste-Undertake
T4Girls provides computer programming workshop, networking, entrepreneurship and personal develop
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One of the major problems in the food industry is producing processed foods without any additives
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This innovation bridges gap between health professionals and patients seeking first hand solution
Yabz Masterz is a tournament/reality tv show phenomena that combines the ''art'' of comedy with t
PE-GO 247 offers young women the opportunity to make choices for their own health by