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Bounce Works is a social enterprise that creates connected products to help kids thrive.
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YOU is a project initiated to work on the young individual skill development in terms of media co
now>press>play is a social enterprise that improves access to learning for primary school c
The Liverpool Project; a charity stopping young people dying on our streets.
An approach that views love of oneself and others as the root of empathy.
CyberMentors provides vulnerable young people with access to networks of peer and professional su
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As educators, how can we create the conditions for young people to experience empathy?
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Creating a listening culture where everyone reflects together about what they experience now and
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A commmunity education service with new, niche & savvy ideas to enable, empower & train p
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Harnessing student and teacher Emotional Intelligence.
“Create the Change” — helping pupils gain confidence, listen more, practise empathy and be part o
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Football, enterprise and entrepreneurship is fostering brighter, healthier futures for the youth
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Sweet and Simple Active Play introduces children of all ages their parents and carers to exercise
RECLAIM improves the confidence, aspirations and employability of young people from disadvantaged
Bidna Capoeira uses the Brazilian art, dance and sport form of capoeira to provide psychosocial h
Dirtbiking for Life; giving kids a fighting chance to succeed
Preventing teen crime is a topic that nationally we would like to see happen.
Bullying Intervention Group BIG Award is a national award for schools and other organisations att
Depaul UK works with the most disadvantaged young people in the UK.