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Queremos crear la primera red de niños reporteros que usen el periódico como herramienta de empod
”Rincón Cultural Recrearte” es un programa de animación sociocultural dirigido a zonas urbanas de
NOVABORI represents a strategic generation with a legacy of more than 60 years in textiles.
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Explain what climate change is and teach how we can address it in a dynamic way.
How can it be that Mexico suffers food poverty and unemployment with all its resources?
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We collect inorganic waste and exchange for service or products from our partners.
A través del reciclaje y reutilización tanto de ropa usada como de desperdicios textiles, REUTEX
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Ugift is the platform where heroes can connect with other heroes to deliver goods to people aroun
Axolotl es una marca que mezcla iconografías de la tradición textil indígena, con la intervención
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We believe in changing the social and environmental impact that agriculture does to the world.
NOVABORI representa una generación estratégica con más de 60 años de herencia textil.
La producción de moda a nivel industrial ha acarreado problemas económicos y medio ambientales, p
Cooperativa de consumo en comunidades vulnerables, finalidad: adquisición de productos básicos má
Ludic education is an interesting and memorable way of making young students to learn new knowled
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We build all kind of structures with reused bottles.
It is so easy separating the garbage, also encourage recycling leaves large profits, since it can
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Mico-Logica Oaxaca is an initiative to promote the cultivation and nutritional benefits of edible