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Explore Science http://www.explore-science.com/ inv
As part of my module at University of Northampton, I am involved in the Changemaker project, whic
UGD has created interactive career coaching and mentoring workshops for graduates and early caree
Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach.
Minorities are stripped of context and defined as the exception.
A social enterprise dedicated to supporting young adult Nigerians.
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Fill My Value Backpack (FMVB) uses sport as an innovative and social tool to develop the potentia
A social enterprise dedicated to supporting young adult Nigerians.
The aims of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Taster Day are to allow prospective students on the auti
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The lesson from this is never to underestimate the extent to which we all have gifts to express a
Standard Chartered Bank(SCB) volunteering group in cooperation with a support organization to pro
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According to a study by Marketdata Enterprises in 2010, the motivational self-improvement market
PULSE Lab – Leveraging a “Big Business” skills-based volunteering initiative to create a strategi
CyberMentors provides vulnerable young people with access to networks of peer and professional su
Music & culture events for the discerning customer, with access to performance space and equi
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Spark+Mettle is an aspirations agency that likes to help people flourish.
Right 2 Read aims to develop literacy through fun community projects, run by local literacy mento
We are a media brand whose sole aim is to redefine university culture. We bring people together.
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The ultimate resource for the unemployed.
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