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Culture is a civilisation operating system. Ours need reboot and update.
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Nossa missão é inspirar os estudantes a aprender e explorar conhecimento em uma rede online colab
This is a nationwide project that help families in a difficult situation.Each family receives ded
Media Association is a phenomenon, not only in the scale of the country, but also Europe.
“Seniors in action” is a nationwide grant competition which promotes intergenerational cooperatio
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We are using innovative open-source "question and answer" software for community problems solutio
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Improvement of: Social awareness of patients' rights
The forced migrants have full access to healthcare in Poland.
The project engages young people in Poland to raise awareness about cancer prophylaxis.The partic
The campaign has three goals: initiate co-operation between the business sectors, Labour Offices
We help patients with different disabilities to fulfill their beauty needs.
Zaklad grew out of the longing for self-sufficiency, self-education and cooperation with people a
Solving the housing problem is really possible! With the assistance of "Fundacja im.
Every year in September, NGO workers, companies interested in cooperation with the third sector,