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Thanks to the pro-bono support of well known artists, Dynamo Camp kids can express themselves thr
In a society increasingly defined under the banner of complexity, training stands out as a challe
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Centro Medico Santagostino is an innovative healthcare institution in Italy.
The vision of the project is to improve psychiatric patients’ life by offering them a training pr
Arrange development pathways for impaired people on individual basis in order to be integrated wi
Impaired people are seen as individuals who need health care, special treatment, assistance and s
The project is to inform school teachers to teach at students the right way to eat, sleep, do phy
"Better together" aims at providing a sustainable solution for mental health at work at the big i
The project aims to encourage a group of older people to talk about their life with the biograph
Non-pharmacological therapy to promote wellbeing , to prevent and reduce behavioral disorders in
We want to change the elderly lifestyle, psychology well-being and individual attitude toward phy
Cognitive-constructivist approach is more effective than drug therapy in terms of costs and outco
Enabiling to meet and socialize trhough Social Networks ;
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Our House combines shared flats for elderly people and people who suffer from mental illness and