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In Algeria the urgent medical aid service are called "SAMU = service d'aide médicale ur
Filisia creates accessible music and multimedia interfaces that support the rehabilitation proces
CLAP is a low-cost infrastructure agnostic platform bringing patient empowering technology to iso
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I want to use food to facility the use of drugs to people that either do not have access to new a
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This intervention aims at eliminating the stigma and discrimination towards patients suffering f
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The adequate and appropriate training of health professionals is a pre-requisite for the patients
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The purpose of SAPT Hellas is to increase awareness of the general public in Greece (especially scho
In Greece it is generally believed that there is no concern for the elderly.
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Athens Sustainability Center will offer education on sustainability and systems thinking.
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E-Personal Assistant is a project about helping vulnerable groups of people cope with essential n
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“Believe in you” is a social business that organizes and conducts free personal development semi
LLM is an integrated ICT platform combining state-of-the-art cognitive exercises with physical ac
To use messages from holistic therapies, especially reflexology and nutrition, to enable older p
Utilizing the ancient knowledge on herbal treatments from ancient Greek Ippocrates and Indian Ayu