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CCT Investments is aiming to offer the most trustable real estate services in Turkey to internati
SignZone aims to provide on-site sign language interpreting service for the deaf and hard of hea
Jeans are supercool but require a shocking 7000L of water each to produce, an enormous impact.
In the modern world, construction of houses, building and different infrastructures can be seen.
Ben farklılık yaratmak istiyorum.İnsanlar yemeği yemek için değil de sanat eserine bakıyorlarmış
What is Ukash?
A business and management education including modules such as “Finance & Accounting” and “Acc
Specially in machine industry, creating a new system or machinery needs innovation.
This project aims to provide free-of-charge management consultancy services to SMEs by giving our
SMETRICS is an organization that collects and processes quantitative data on SMEs in order to iss
Development Banks of countries (or equivalent) will form an Investor Exchange in their bodies in
An atelier is established to produce soap with local “bittim” oil by women in Mardin.
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The Card App is an all in one solution for carry, exchange, organize and update issues of busines
The project builds the biggest social-production-network for textile and upcycling products that
It will be an open office to work in for social entreprenuers, startups, small enterprises.