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Gifts Food Culture (GFC) was incorporated to produce groundnut paste for family and friends on a
Improper disposal of waste, in particular plastic waste, severely impedes everyday life in Ghana’
Act2Save, an innovative mobile application, engages participants in a fun and interactive way tow
Food for All Ghana is a group that recovers food that would have gone wasted along our food sup
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We are offering to bring all parties in the agriculture value-chain (cereal) to a common place (a
Della is a fashion line that is changing the standard of fashion production by empowering economi
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We are developing an interactive online platform which will help various actors in the fast fash
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my Boo produces high quality bamboo bicycles together with the social NGO "Yonso Project&quo
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CORDSAVINGS in Switzerland came up with a completely new business model in order to help the priv
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Dedicated to inspiring & enabling individuals to volunteer abroad for free whilst maximising
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The WomenChangeMakers (WCM) Fellowship is a program of the Geneva-based philanthropic org
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All of us can change our lives for the better. But how?
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We are passionate about establishing delicious, healthy and climate friendly food in society.
INSTINCT innovates with the development of advertising platforms that provide not only the visibi
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Africa is endowed richly with talented creativity and natural resources which are of global touri
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According to information for our baseline data 90% of the young people interviewed have never sav