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We provide a low-cost application for universities to offer e-learning curricula to those who do
The decline of the Jute sector in Bangladesh threatens millions of jobs and rural development.
Cophenol wants to make the coffee production more sustainable while increasing coffee farmers rev
The decline of the Jute sector in Bangladesh threatens millions of jobs and rural development.
The aim of the Programme Vivons en Forme (VIF) is to prevent childhood obesity in the 240 engaged
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For social change: in code we trust!
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We address the issue of social exclusion of elderly people by offering them the possibility to h
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This program is implemented in high-level universities.
Using an android app developed by a French start-up of the Silver Economy, our project is to prov
Simplon.co is a free 6 month programming and entrepreneurship bootcamp for underprivileged talent
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WI-FIlles is an innovative program, working to close the gender gap in the technology and enginee
The project educates key persons in the 78 associations of the Association of the Swedish-Speakin
To increase the active participation and involvement in society of VI seniors, one of the most ma
International retirement migration's growth increases the need for advice services tailored to th
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Siel Bleu provides regular sessions of Adapted Physical Activity for seniors wherever they may ne
Un service d’ateliers collectifs associant le soin esthétique à la psychologie positive afin de p
Il faut un microscope pour observer la spiruline et les microalgues alimentaires, et pourtant ell
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Hakisa.com is a free intergenerational mediation platform allowing users challenged by the digita