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Kallfly is an On-Demand virtual Contact Center marketplace, connecting businesses with experience
Transitional ___ aims to unlock potential of vacant spaces in transition to a new lease of life b
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We help neighbourhoods in Singapore design community-owned spaces and solutions - by providing to
Capital Commons provides investments, consulting services, tools or expertise for all early-stage
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Singapore is a fast-paced society with high cost of living.
5MinuteMusic is an online magazine about the music scene in Singapore.
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Elderly with problems walking will use the walking stick or the umbrella to aid them in their wal
Playeum is a dedicated Children Centre for Creativity and Culture, which is focused on giving sta
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Improving the life of the homeless through quality design, sustainable architecture and cutting-e
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Chakra is a program to reverse the trend in urban migration by moving the vulnerable urban homele
In a quiet crematorium, an old lady place flowers on a grave.