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Offer a wide range of care services to older people in great need of care 24/7, with coordination
Ingrid De Jonghe is bringing preventative and solutions-focused mental health services to youth t
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Genevieve revolutionizes the food sector in its broadest sense by the launch of the Intelligent N
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With nearly three million homeless people living on the streets of European cities, street social
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H2CWorld brings out communities/groups' strengths and facilitates the creation of local responses
Minha iniciativa trabalha com a formulação de um efetivo neutracêutico que combina compostos alta
Mi iniciativa se encarga de la formulación de un nutricéutico eficaz, que combina componentes alt
Mon initiative s’occupe de la préparation d'un nutraceutique efficace combinant des composés haut
My initiative deals with the formulation of an effective nutraceutical combining highly nutritiou
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While the help provided by the authorities is decreasing due to financial reasons whe appeal to t
Guidance on drug interactions for elders is a non-profit organization that helps elderly people t
The project focuses on the African diaspora in Europe to help them :
Bednet connects long-term and chronically ill children between 6 and 18 living in Flanders with t
SOS Children’s Villages, St.-Augustinus Hospital and The Boston Consulting Group Brussels have se
Advanced vision screening and quality control of vision services in elderly homes - a pilot proje
A community project, developed to support the implementation of the Practice guideline for fall p
The UD Living Lab focusses on four major operational goals:
Dementia Support Plan has three objectives: 1 a network for pro's & family
Nightcare supports caregivers by sending someone that takes care of a person in the night or by f