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Climate change results in torrential & erratic rains, excessive flooding instantly disabling
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INTRODUCTION The Electric Vehicle Expansion Enterprises, Inc.
Raising Children of Hope is a passionate journey creating possibilities and opportunities to the
Thrīvera empowers at-risk kids with video storytelling to build their digital literacy, keep them
We provide direct services and leadership in the field of child sexual abuse using research-based
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This business is all about creating computers out of trashed materials for low-income families he
The Project is about health empowerment of marginalized communities, ultimately making health mat
JeepneED’s mission is to be an effective mobile science and tech lab where there is none.Each jee
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Empowering a community of teachers -- who are naturally getting Facebook-savvy* anyway -- via tra
Women's Visioning Power Through Women's CARE Group is the first of its kind.
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To build a Model Township thru education and capacity building, organic food production, zero was
To start up a website and organize campaign events to protect and save people's lives./It's innov
Talk to MEal are cook-outs and picnics that will be held on grassroots communities wherein dishes
Nurtured on the vision of promoting health and wellness in urban poor communities, the Aquaponics
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Heart School is a non-profit initiative providing underprivileged children with creative educatio
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Joomajam is a music driven learning solution that is bilingual, rockstar made and educator approv