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Cheap and reliable diagnosis of diseases in rural areas, with lack of electricity or water, and i
Light for the World has done a study on the performance of entrepreneurs with a disability in Ken
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Balloon selects exceptional volunteers to work with entrepreneurs in Kenya, Uganda, or Ghana.
The unbanked rural Kenyans join local savings co-operatives to access credit.
We have developed an innovated 4 in 1 greenhouse containing a chicken shed on top of a fish pond,
Bitsoko is an mobile wallet that implements blockchain technology in a bid to both remove the cos
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To avoid the cutting down of limited trees, air pollution, smoke-related human diseases and schoo
Communities in rural and poor settings including remote areas lack information on matters pertain
Fadhili Micro enterprise ltd is a micro finance company targeting the rural farmers and entrepren
PRIDE MICROFINANCE LIMITED (MDI) is the leading Microfinance Deposit Taking Institution (MDI), am
This program is a social entreprise that aims at providing access to clean and affordable energy
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One Hen Project microloan of 1 hen and cage to members in self help groups and after 6 months one
Musoni is a social enterprise that establishes best-practice microfinance institutions and uses t
This idea endeavors to provide local access to ICT services to the female Islanders for online in
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FrontlineSMS:Credit enables organizations that serve the base of the economic pyramid to bring th